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  D00R : TG 109
Posted on March 9th, 2012, 3:51 am by blix

Click here for finished Last Unicorn painting.

Things I'm working on:

1. TG sketchbook. I have piles of pencil drawings that have never been colored or posted online. I've been compiling them into a sketchbook that will be available in print for purchase or as a download in exchange for a donation (donations will probably be accepted in USD or fanart currencies. :P) The interior of the sketchbook is pretty much done, but I'm painting a cover art for it. I've now redrawn the cover three times. 9__9 <~ How many times have you read me doing this? Dozens of times, I'm sure. Just think of all the times I don't tell you about. O_o

2. Cover art for "Titan Magic" volume 2, a victorian era fantasy/action/drama novel trilogy. If you're interested in a new thing to read, start here. I wouldn't have agreed to cover art if I didn't read and enjoy book 1. It's well paced and I enjoyed the characters. Have a go of it if you're feeling exploratory.

3. Glass Dragon painting for a new card game called "Destined Legends". I've always wanted to paint cards for fantasy card games. C8 Here is a good excuse. This project is only just launching so there isn't much material available yet for preview.

4. Clothing for Rescreatu. Res is a pet site (something like Neopets or Pokemon) that also incorporates dolls users may dress up. I design cloths for these dolls. It's super fun! :B Though I knew February would be really busy, so I haven't done much Res work this month. ;__________; I miss it.

5. My convention season is starting. >3< I went to RadCon in WA this month, and it was awesome! Next up, Emerald City Comic Con and Sakura Con at the end of March in Seattle.

6. A TG related story (about Sedna and the fish, actually) will be in an anthology that probably won't come out for another year. XD But planning stages, rough drafts and quick sketches, are happening now. It should be a super awesome anthology with a bunch of other webcartoonists you're probably already acquanted with. +__+ More on this project in the coming months, I'm sure, as nothing at all is available yet.

7. Actual TG pages. There are a bunch of half drawn ones on the floor currently. :/ I will try to update as soon as possible. >< But I seriously wonder if that's going to happen until early April. At least everything I'm working on is very challenging, I will improve as an artist. Already I look at the beginning of chapter 3 and think I have improved.


Thank you so much to everyone who sticks with this comic even though I'm going through a phase where updating once a month is difficult. I'm so lucky to have a dedicated audience that whines lovingly, when whining is necessary. >3< *hughughug* And it is necessary. One page a month sucks.

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