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  D00R : TG 113
Posted on May 12th, 2012, 1:19 pm by blix

Firstly, that middle panel alone is painted bigger than most people make entire comic pages. 8| So you should go see the full version.

TWC: sketching an idea that I've really wanted to draw. Might try to finish in charcoal. Haha, originally this idea was spawned by me wanting to draw a cute picture of Korra with her polar bear dog. oAo Still might draw that someday. But I really want to make some more TG art. =___=; Even though selling fanart at shows is what funds everything here. (I LOVE KORRA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Between Katniss, Korra, Brave, and the summer olympics, 2012 is seriously Bad Ass Female year.)

While working on that middle panel, I was mooning over Frank Eber's paintings. Love his textures without going into huge watercolor renderbation mode.

I wish I could take another watercolor class sometimes. Or study under a watercolor master. *___*

But considering tuition costs, I think staying out of debt is more important. I'll just be over here, flinging paint around until it does something sort of not awful.

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