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  D00R : TG 114
Posted on August 9th, 2012, 8:15 pm by blix

HI I'm sorry I died for something like two months, there.

Here's a general run down.

1. OH OH OH that sketchbook I talked about in winter/spring of this year is finally printed! It was such a clusterfuck just trying to get the damn sketchbook! I'm horribly dreading future print runs of anything at all, and I think I know what printer I'll never be working with ever again. The title "Sketchbook 1" is kind of misleading in that I have decided to never ever make another sketchbook. And this one will never be reprinted, oh hell no. My loathing for book printing is probably palpable in the air around me after my experiences this summer. ^_________^ I wish I had better things to say about it, but the best statement is probably that this sketchbook is done, it is very nice, and it is DONE. For, like, ever. So please, if you'd like one, I'd really appreciate it considering all the effort that went into this project.

2. I've started using tumblr. In celebration, I have posted a dump dedicated to this page 114 right here! Have you ever wondered what I'm doing when I'm not posting art online or replying to your lovely comments? Probably I'm sketching a million versions of the same panel, trying to figure out why I suck so badly at art.

3. There's also a pile of new art on my deviantart account. I'm not even going to pick out individual special pieces, there's just a lot of it.

4. I have obsessive tendencies towards My Little Pony and Korra.

5. I went to Fanime, A-kon, Anime Expo, and Otakon. It was kind of intense.

6. Then I came home from Otakon and immediately became sick for a few days. While sick, I read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Being that I was running a high temperature, I can't really remember most of it, but Mikael Blomkvist did manage to sleep with every woman in the book. Not that I can blame the women, of course. All the other men in this book are either freaks or are too old to be having erections. Yeah no doubt he's the best lay around when there are no other options.

7. Oh and I'm moving to Baltimore. It was a sudden decision, but what the hell.

8. I kind of broke up with my lover of three years.

9. And maybe I had insomnia for the entire month of July, which is probably why I became so sick and was a prime contributor in a bunch of really weird art I drew during that month. O_o ..... what's great is now that I'm back from Otakon, and then I became so sick and I slept for like a solid week, NOW I'm back to not sleeping much at all. Insomnia doesn't make much sense. I can't tell if there's actually something wrong with me or if I'm just stressed out of my mind. 8D It doesn't really matter, I can't afford to see a doctor. I'm not going to addict myself to sleeping pills, either. I'm just going to drink coffee and get over it.

10. Last cons of this year are Kumoricon and then Baltimore Comic Con. They're a week apart, and in that week between the two I'm doing that semipermanent move from WA state to Baltimore. I've resigned myself to it being kind of awful and impossible to coordinate well.

There were a few other things that happened, and they were relatively important and key deciding factors that are prompting me to move 2000 miles away. Some things though are destined to be private only.


I don't promise any permanent update schedule until mid September, but I'm sure I'll barf art all over various places between now and then. I don't promise any of that art vomit will actually be good, but I'll probably post it anyway.

My next step in my search for happiness and security is to catch all the unicorns and put them in the ocean where I can stare at them with my glassy old man eyes. That's totally why I'm moving to Baltimore, you know. Yes. It has easy ocean access for my unicorns. This used to seem far fetched to me when I first watched The Last Unicorn, but I'm starting to understand that no stretch is too great.

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