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  TG 118 + 119
Posted on October 19th, 2012, 6:53 pm by blix

Tumblr art dump of page 119.

Yes that bottom panel was totally absolutely necessary to make this into a double page spread!! TOTALLY. //// (noreallyiswear actually the next pair of pages is also a double spread, so this spread is mean to be leading into that spread, not just in story but in ... form??)

This scene is FINAAAAAAAALLY about to cut back to Anya, Angelique, and Skittlez. I'm feeling excited. There will be a short scene in the coffee shop, then another relatively short scene for Vidu and Sedna, then a longer scene in the coffee shop ... and then the thing happens. Two big things happen in chapter 3. The first is the smaller of the big things, but I've been looking forward to it since before I drew page one. x___x AAAAAAA. Chapter 3 is the major event set up for everything ever for the rest of Vidu's life. If you're a writer, you probably know what I mean. It's that piece of backstory that unlocks 10 more stories, but until that one beginning story is told, no other story can possibly make sense. Every other story is totally dependant on this chapter 3. It kind of freaks me out. It also hypes me up to be RELEASED from it. So. Yeah. In like 30 pages, the first of the big things happens. It's a big thing that some of you are probably already expecting. Considering all the myths tha are leading towards it, the story can't not got there. The point isn't what happens, it's such a repeated story across many legends, but HOW it happens. ohmanohman. It's a known story, but it's never been told with Vidu and Sedna.


I did finally get the Cerulean Blue paint that delayed me for so damn long. :/ In the future, I need to give up on UPS and just Fedex anything that is at all time sensitive.

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR THAT COYOTE PAINTING OVER ON DANIEL SMITH!!! 8D It was a monthly winner! So that means .... 50$ gift certificate! I'm probably going to buy mat board with it!!! I'M SO EXCITED, I am totally out of mat board. Oh and I'll buy MORE paint, because colors are a drug.

If I can impose on you, the contest is actually continuing. The coyote moves on to being juried by a group of professionals now, but a new round of monthly voting has started! In this month's voting, I have a My Little Pony painting! AND! I have Sedna and Vidu. I'll let you decide which of them you feel most like voting for. X3

Lastly (but not in importance, geez this is such a novel of a comment) DESTINED LEGENDS happened!

If you follow my work anywhere else, you've already seen it, but just incase you haven't, here it is! You should totally go take a look! I'm really excited for all the art I have done and am now going to do! At least 20 pieces are forthcoming, a few of them big ones, my current big project being that picture of the black and red dragons.

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