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  TG 120-121
Posted on November 23rd, 2012, 3:14 pm by blix

Not much of an update, just finished painting the left page.

Other art:
1. Some Destined Legends sketches
2. panels from this page + sketches from the next page
3. My Little Pony doodle I love season 3. X3

Hey, thanks for sticking with this comic even though it doesn't update much. :P I really do continue to advise anyone to just bookmark this thing and read it monthly or bimonthly or so.

Since Destined Legends completed its funding, I've been working on card art! That will be a thing that keeps happening until January/February time. But it's gonna be totally worth it! It's a great game, and the art I'm producing for it is pretty fantastic. o3o

And then in January/February conventions will start again. XDDD

This comic will just never be updated on a schedule.

But on the plus side, I'll never burn out and quit, either? And as long as I keep finding work and going to artist alleys, I won't starve?

So uh. Longevity and endurance, YES. Punctuality and speed, less so.

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