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  TG 122
Posted on December 13th, 2012, 8:42 pm by blix

ahahaaaaaaaaa. uuuh .... *dissentigrates into crying* So much work. I'm really trying harder at drawing the inside of Angelique's shop. I think it looks okay. >< More accurately, I think it looks okay mostly when viewed through the lense of understanding my past environment failures. (Chapter 2................)

How to waste page space and generally dither around with storytelling to the great frustration of most readers (just in case you needed help doing this, I mean, I don't want to assume but I also don't want to leave you in the dark about my genius methods): decide that it is extremely important to portray how a light source recedes up a cliff side. Layout pages so that 1/3 of the page is consumed by this paltry environment study. Repeat this layout over a series of pages.

NO BUT DON'T YOU SEE IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO MY VIIIISIOOOOOOON. IT SETS THE MOOD OF A DARK WORLD WITH A SINGLE POINT OF LIGHT LEAVING VOID BEHIND IT. (Because the previous couple dozen pages of chapter 3 were... somehow ... not enough to observe this ....)

I did work on Destined Legends stuff. Here are roughs from Jacqueline! I'm pretty excited to paint this one!

There probably won't be an update next week because I'm going home for Christmas and bringing all my watercolor supplies (a full suitcase) and not my computer. 8(

T_T I wish I had something cool to give you guys for Christmas. But I don't. I have no wallpapers or special stuff handy. --------------- OH WAIT. OH WAIT I JUST HAD AN IDEA.

Okay. There might be a Christmas update. It just won't be a page, it will be a wallpaper. If I get it scanned and fitted to the wallpaper format.

Because for reals anyone left who still checks this website after my waffly updates that consist of lights traveling up cliff sides totally deserves some sort of gift, even if it's in the form of a measly digital download.

You know what's coming.

There's only one thing that could come after this rambly author comment.


An entire wallpaper - no - an entire wallpaper SET dedicated to lights on cliff sides.

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