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  Holiday 2012 Wallpaper
Posted on December 21st, 2012, 5:46 pm by blix

There are three different wallpapers of this image, plus the full image in a zip pack that can be downloaded from deviantart!

Merry Christmas and other holidays! I'm currently visiting my parents for a week, so no update next week.

ahahaaa geeeez I hope you aren't flying during this holiday. I just flew and nearly every aspect of the adventure was blanketed in problems. Overbooked flights, late flights, nonexistant flights, weather problems, reroutings. It took me I think 26 hours to get home and I wasn't even flying internationally. For that amount of time and hassle, I think next year I will just visit Australia for Christmas. It would probably be easier than visiting family in an opposite corner of the US.

So anyway ~ thanks very much for continuing to read this book even though it is the slowest updating book on the internet. T_T I will try to make every update worth it.

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