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  TG 123 <~ it's 1 2 and 3!!! THAT'S IMPORTANT.
Posted on January 17th, 2013, 1:41 am by blix

It was a childhood dream of mine to draw manga, and use the most ridiculous patterns I could find in the background.

Soooo yeah. It's been two months. I really want to thank everyone who stopped by to leave some encouraging words. Starting to draw TG again has felt sort of like returning to an old home (complete with fears of being not good enough or unwanted or ignored.) But your nice comments have made me feel better. ;__; There were also ... mean comments ... but you will not read those, because I have deleted them! They make all your nice comments that much more lovely!

Hey also some of you are leaving comments about TG not working in IE?? I seriously need to make some website updates, super bad, but haven't had time. If any of your are web designers, could you take a look at what might be messing up TG in Internet Exploder? I'm neither good nor fast at website fixing.

AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE??? DESTINED LEGENDS IS DONE. DL is that thing I've been working on for the past two months instead of updating TG. Gradually the illustrations I've done for DL are going to trickle out onto the internet. X3 There's a bunch. This project really made me level up as a watercolor painter.

On the horizon, then:
Updating TG.
But I'm also going to take my DL paintings and I'll be applying to a few places! Because it's time for me to start hunting freelance. I love TG, and I love conventions, but I'm not sure how sustainable this is. I need to be finding work with other projects.

First company I'm going to finally have the balls to apply to: Wizards of the Coast.

And then I'll go from there, applying to all the companies I never have had the courage to try for. 8(

Wish me luck, I guess! And check back next week, because comic pages. DX

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