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  TG 125
Posted on March 28th, 2013, 3:02 pm by blix

See some panels larger over on tumblr.

Soooo I think I'll post the sketch for page 126 probably Fri or Sat! I'd really like to try and go to DC and see the cherry blossoms blooming. I've always lived in a place that was too cold for flowering trees before this year. X3

This page. 8T I don't know about it. Too many sound effects. I really don't want to be inserting sounds to make up for graphics that don't properly tell the story, I HOPE that's not happening here, but I can really not tell. I don't trust my judgement anymore. I'm most not sold on panel 2 where Sedna is crouching and just waiting.

What I wanted:
Last page, some rocks tumble down near is paw.
This page, he goes rigid, claws come out.
He crouches, because what else can he do? Run somewhere else where the rocks won't pitch him off a cliff? So he just clings there, muscles tensing.
Vidu does totally not notice anything.
THAT ONE STUPID TINY PEBBLE FALLS, adding just that much more weight to where Sedna is standing.
All the shit breaks loose.
By the time Sedna find's his voice he's plunging into the dark chasm. Vidu stirs finally just in time to skrak indignantly at being woken up.

But pictures. :/ They speak 1000 words. Frequently those 1000 words are about my short comings as an artist. I kind of hate that 1000 word saying for this reason.

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