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  TG 128
Posted on June 15th, 2013, 2:23 am by blix

Art dump on tumblr.

This page is about Sedna making weird faces. More would have fit on this page, but do you ever get that piece of script where it's a weird interrupted thought to include those last one or two panels but not the panel that comes after them? This is like that. The first panel of the next page couldn't really go on this page because of pacing and connected dialog.

Lately everything has been a mess. We have been apartment searching since April. 8( I've also not been feeling well. I've seen a doctor, but the doctor has referred me to a specialist, and the specialist is going to cost more money than I have (as in the specialists + tests will cost 4 digits in America if I can find nothing else.) So I've been trying to find charities or income based payments or SOMETHING. I have nothing to say about it that isn't a downer.

So here's a TG related thing that is gay. Just warning, if you do totally not want to know, you don't have to know. If pairings are your thing, awesome. If not, TG isn't really about pairings anyway.

Also, Losing Altitude. It's a kickstarter you might even like a little bit? It is an art book I hope to take part in! The book (and deck of cards) will feature beautiful illustrations of endangered bird species. I hope to paint an Ivory Gull or a Marbled Murrelet.

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